CMS Customization

Facing content technology problems? Look no further than our CMS Customisation solutions! We specialize in CMS (Content Management System) that keeps you free from content related issues.

CMS is generally a system that manages your website’s content, without calling for any HTML proficiency, to link pages. Even with our CMS Customisation services you can control the way your page will appear in front of your targeted audience. Creating, editing and publishing content on the Web won’t be a problem for you.

We, at 9ZMedia, often emphasize on suitable CMS customization solutions with researches, tools, and techniques. Our expert solutions not just update the product information on your portal regularly, but also integrate third party solutions and can be customized as per your requirement. With the help of our CMS customization solution, you can automate your content collection as well as the delivery.

What We Offer?

    • Customization of WordPress
    • Customization of Drupal, Joomla
    • Customization of OS COMMERCE
    • Customization of Open Cart
    • Customization of PunBB, PHPBB, MyBB, VBULLETIN



Our CMS Customisation Expertise is Widespread
With a team of dedicated CMS customization experts, we dominate this area. Be it CMS customization for Wedding Portals, Social Community Portals, Shopping Cart, Ecommerce or any other, our experts just nail it with their knowledge and proficiency.

Every Parameter is Considered Thoroughly
We understand how it’s important to stand out in today’s competitive world. Hence, we take pay attention to every parameter of CMS Customisation carefully like content styling with suitable fonts, videos, images, design, proofreading, editing, content formatting, placing, SEO compatibility and more.

Third Party Integration
As most of the open source applications lack many features, it becomes necessary to integrate third party plugins, tools, and application. We do it with proficiency to make your application robust and enhance its functionality so that you can fulfill your business goals.

We Help You Save Money!
With quick turnaround and delivery, we save your valuable money and time both. You can count on us for best CMS customization services around. Now, hire CMS customization professionals by getting in touch with us! Give us a call to know more about our services.