Email Marketing

People overlook email marketing with other marketing channels. Many businesses actively maintain the database and do not use it in a right way. Email marketing is the most effective methods to reach existing and potential customers. It does not mean that you blast audience with constant sales pitching and blog emails. At 9Z Media, you can deliver the right emails at the right time to the prospective customers.

One should immediately implement email marketing into their business due to following reasons

  • Targeted marketing
  • More personal than social media and other platforms
  • Cost-effective
  • Permissible
  • Generate sales
  • Customized and measurable
  • Environment-friendly
  • Powerful email marketing platform to grow your business

Our exclusive features


We offer user-friendly editor through which you can create the customized email to promote your products and services. We have editing tool where you can insert company logo, other images, custom call to action button, social media links and much more. If you have your own design no problem, just upload the file in one click.  Now you can create attractive and convincing mail in minutes through easy to use editor tool.

Unlimited templates

We provide unlimited designs of templates free of cost. You can customize the templates as per your business need. No technical knowledge is required to create the email with the responsive template. It is very easy to design the email with templates related to product promotion, sign up emails, event invitation, newsletter etc. we enable you to deliver impressive and attractive emails to impress your customer.


You can create emails as per the client preference and taste to drive more results. Before emailing it to the final list of customers you can test the email in our preview tool. You can test the email look on different devices like laptop, phone or tablet.

Tracking tool

We provide real-time tracking tool so that you can track the performance. You can see graphical reports and data. You can check reports on the daily, weekly and monthly basis. It is easy to track the success through our email marketing solution. Measure your campaign success through live tracking.

Assure delivery

We provide assure delivery of emails in seconds. We deliver emails successfully to customer’s inbox safely.

Schedule future campaign

You can now save time by scheduling your future campaign. Get higher click trough schedule campaigning.  You can create automated emails for campaigning on occasions like Diwali, Holi, valentine etc in advance. Create emails whenever convenient for you.

Contact updating tool

Manage and update contacts effortlessly. You can also create the different segmented email list and update the contacts on the single click.

Our services include

  • Promotional Emails
  • Bulk Emails
  • Automated Emails

Why us?

  • We provide the high rate of delivery of emails with anti-spam.
  • We work in compliance with privacy norms and data security.
  • Cost effective solution
  • 24/7 customer support system.

We offer profitable business solution plans for any budget. We are leader in email marketing services in India.