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Everyone has a website these days but what make good ones different from the average ones are the web design trends that they follow. A good design can make your website stand out from others. And to be very frank, a good design is not that hard to implement. A good design is just a collection of small little things that make a good impact on our sub conscious mind. This article gives you top 10 web designs for 2018.

  1. Variable Fonts

This is a great way to increase the readability of the webpage. Having this design will help the visitor to read your content even in low light and it is especially helpful for the people having a little low vision. This design will help you adjust the line length and even the text grade.

  1. Innovative Layouts

The entire website scenario has taken a leap for good and hence it is time that layouts also improve. Due to the evolution of CSS, new and more innovative layouts can be created. Use the great creation of yours, layouts that strike the audience will instantly is certainly a leading design trend.

  1. Rising webVR

This is little step but 2018 will still see a little progress in this field. This is a great tool to mix the web and the real life experience. The level of engagement that you can attain using VR can never be attained with any other tool.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

although it is already in great trend but still will keep on growing. The chat bots are a perfect example of AI implemented in the websites. They make it very easy for the website owners to remain in contact with their users round the clock. Use of AI is sure to be increased even more in the future.

  1. Sustainable Design

The website industry already takes around 10 percent of the produced energy. This is now being taken care of and the designs that are used are getting more eco-friendly. The giants of this industry are also taking it seriously and trying to use renewable sources of energy.

  1. Inclusive Web Design Trends

The number of people using internet is increasing and the age span is also getting vast. Inclusive website is the sites that include almost all the diverse people of using that site. There are some principles regarding this that is slowly and gradually becoming mainstream!

  1. Ethical Design

The ethics with which the designers design the site is slowly and gradually getting lost. This is imposing a very bad impact on the personality of teenagers (people most involved with internet). This needs to get better and is actually taken care of. We can expect a great amount of work in this field in the coming year.

  1. Design Systems

This system is most likely to gain a lot of popularity in the near future. This basically will help to gain the knowledge on the basis of which the design teams carry out their task. This is essential as it helps the teams coordinating and speaks the same language.

  1. Voice User Interfaces

With the screens getting smaller and smaller the emphasis over voice interface have increased. The time that it saves makes it one of the most impressive web design trends. The level of engagement due to this is the highest.

  1. The Death Of The Homepage

One thing that people love is a personalized experience when they visit a website. The traditional WebPages were unable to provide this feature and hence they are getting removed and dynamic entry points are getting increased. Expecting an overall increase in the user experience in 2018 is not wrong.

There are many more design trends that will be dominant in 2018. The basic thing that can be analyzed is that the designers are not focusing over the websites anymore; they are focusing over the experience that they can provide to the visitors. The web design trends are getting more and more interesting for the visitors. The trends have shown exponential growth in the past and same is the growth we expect in this year.          

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