We’ve been searching for bloggers in Delhi, India for one of our clients who deal especially in Hollywood movies and interestingly we found that many few bloggers in India actually write about Hollywood movies religiously. It was difficult to come up with the list, but still, we manage to find good bloggers in Delhi, India as their content was in the news all around.

We know India is ruled by Bollywood and Cricket. So, we must salute these bloggers on writing on the topic which is read by the selective audience. These boggers surely follow their passion. The reason we came up with this blog is to help the fellow agencies and PR companies to locate these bloggers by ease, as we went completely nuts looking for hardcore Hollywood movies blogger in Delhi, India for our client.


  1. Minority Review


Owner: Sailesh Ghelani

Blogger in Delhi

About Minority Review: Welcome to Minority Review! The site for reviews with a difference. We started off with films and now we have fashion, music, interviews, trailer reviews, contests and much more. In everything we do though, we won’t be following a mass point of view. Because reviews are subjective, this is my take. And it’s up to you to take it or leave it. Because we’re all entitled to an opinion. Even the minority.

  1. Ankit2World


Owner: Ankit Malik

Best hollywood movies blogger

About Ankit2World: Ankit also known as AKI is one of the Best Hollywood Movies Blogger in Delhi, India. His content is recognized Internationally. Ankit2World was awarded Top 200 Movies Blogs of the year 2018. The content of Ankit2World is exclusive and unique.  Ankit2World has almost everything for Hollywood movie lovers, especially if one is into comic movies or sci-fi.

  1. Pursue News


Owner: R.A Karthik Prasad

delhi's blogger

About Pursue News: Pursue News is a start-up Entertainment media brand aimed at providing the internet audience with Pop Culture News. A news website founded by R.A Karthik Prasad, we report on movie and television news. Pursue News is your stop for interesting scoops from the superhero genre. Readers can expect to find stories on DCEU, MCU, and other major TV shows. We are always on the lookout for stories that interest our readers.

  1. CineCelluoid


Owner: Deepak

blogger in India

About Cinecelluloid: Well, Cinecelluloid.com is neither a movie news site nor a movie review blog. The blogger simply write whatever he feels about a movie, its direction, performance, cast and sometimes share details about some upcoming movies with trailers and posters. Nevertheless, Blogger sole aim is more to make cinecelluloid a place where anyone can share anything and everything about movies. At least for now.

  1. Movierdo


Owner: Movierdo

Blogger in Delhi

About Movierdo: They focus not only on the widely known icons of world cinema but, also the lesser known gems that tend to get overlooked. Movierdo specialize in bringing to you, contributors, both celebrated and underrated, from the world of global cinema.

As we already said, there are not many hardcore Hollywood movie bloggers in India but when it comes to finding the best our research teams do the perfect job. We hope the list of Hollywood blogger in Delhi, India helps you reach out the right kind of audience for your clients or you can get entertain by reading the top most stories from the world of Hollywood.

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